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The Auction Distribution Network provides Marketing, Support and Logistic services for the online Auction Industry

Simplify Fulfilment

Try Fulfilment by ADC by shipping your stock to fulfilment centers. our service includes, storage, removals, and return processing with the ADC Selection program.*Conditions apply

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Reach Thousands of customers and get full professional consultation to grow your brand and boost sales.

1. You send your products to ADC

Upload your listings
• Let ADC fulfil all or part of your inventory
• Advertise your Auction


2. ADC stores your products

• ADC receives and labels your inventory
• We record product dimensions for storage
• You monitor inventory using our integrated tracking system


3. Customers bid on your products

ADC fulfils orders placed directly on our affiliated Auction Websites or fulfilment requests you submit for sales that are not on an ADC affiliated website. When listed on ADC affiliated site, your listings rank by price excluding shipping because they are eligible for Free Shipping and FREE Shipping for eligible orders.*

 *Excludes Multi-Channel Fulfilment orders from other websites and services


4.ADC picks and packs your        products

• ADC locates your products using our advanced web-to-warehouse, high-speed picking and sorting system.

• Customers can combine your orders with other products fulfilled by ADC.


5. ADC dispenses your products

• ADC dispenses customers' orders to them from pickup location

• We provide pickup scheduling information for customers.

• For orders on ADC affiliated website, customers can contact us for customer service.